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Human Resources

One of the leading firms of Turkey in its field for many years, BilgeAdam works with professionals who are innovative in technology, interested in research and development, work on patent and intellectual rights, enabling value for our country and our people.

Our Philosophy

The foundation philosophy of BilgeAdam is to bring information to people and offer qualified services with informed people in every segment of technology. For BilgeAdam, adopting the "Human In Technology" approach, the priority in services offered is always wisdom based on honesty, mutual respect, work ethics, in short, "human values".

Our History

BilgeAdam is a Turkish company founded in 1997 in Istanbul with 100% domestic capital. The company has become a national leader in IT training in a short period of time, and then specialized in other areas of IT services, especially software development. Offering technology services for top-ranking companies and public institutions of Turkey for many years, BilgeAdam also develops business applications and its own software products on ERP.

With 6 offices in total, located in İstanbul and Ankara, including the two Technocity offices in İTÜ ARI Technocity and Bilkent Cyberpark, as well as the R&D and software centre in Maslak, BilgeAdam Technologies offers services with over 1,300 employees. Service and software export activities to Europe are managed by the office in the Netherlands. BilgeAdam Technologies has been awarded with the second price in Turkey among the national ERP producers in 2018 Bilişim 500 (Top 500 IT Companies) Research.

Our Principles


The main principle of BilgeAdam is to teach, apply and develop technologies, primarily software. For this purpose, the company always follows up innovations, shares them with its business network and strives to represent the innovations


All products and services of BilgeAdam should provide solid benefits in business lives of individual and corporate customers. Software projects, products, job placements, consultancy projects... All address to the current requirements of the business world. Each innovation should be designed by carefully analysing these requirements.


BilgeAdam avoids complex procedures to ensure optimum utilization of human sources and time. Lean planning is preferred. Price-quality relation is based on high efficiency. The company makes efforts to offer reasonable prices for both its own requirements and its customers; thus strives to get the best price and the most advantageous conditions from all the firms it collaborates with. A careful research, negotiation and contract process is conducted.


BilgeAdam operates in business lines with the highest rate of renewal in today's world. It has to respond and adapt to the change immediately. For this reason, instead of going on the market when "excellence" is obtained, the company makes efforts to improve the "well-functioning" products and services it has been offering to an excellence level. Therefore, a flexible working model is adopted. The company does not refrain from making pragmatic improvements on its project applications.

Value Adding

BilgeAdam strives to achieve improvement in all fields it operates. Offers scholarships for students. Supports professional training of its employees. Collaborates with national educational institutions and public institutions. Participates in professional organizations. Commits to laws, legislation and business ethics. BilgeAdam makes efforts to always add value to its country and its people, in the frame of social responsibility.

Our Team

BilgeAdam has adopted the principle to lead in technology. Thus, the company works with a team that is the leader in its field or aiming to become one. Starting with the board of management, the whole team is comprised of people adopting open communication, having continuous learning ability, and aiming at becoming the best in their own expertise.

Everyone who has adopted improvement and progress as their principle, willing to become a part of a young and dynamic team, and adopted becoming the best in their expertise as a career goal may view our job vacancies and apply by clicking this link.


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