Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You may find the regulations on the collected data in our Cookie Policy.

  • During the project to be conducted by BilgeAdam, all information and contents, collected through verbal, written or digital channels or obtained through any means, such as name and last name of the participants and their custodians are defined as Confidential Information (Information, shortly).
  • All required information that are compulsory for participants to participate in learning sessions will be obtained from participants and only used as part of learning and marketing activities of BilgeAdam.
  • Information is protected with high security and privacy standards, every kind of security measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access to user information.
  • Information such as name, last name, etc., obtained from the participant through the app, are kept by BilgeAdam and will not be disclosed to third parties except the following conditions;
  1. Following the obligations issued by the authorized legal authority and required by the legal rules in effect, such as Laws, Statutory Decree, Directive, etc.,
  2. Information request received from authorized administrative and legal authority on users for the purposes of a research or investigation,
  3. Such information will be disclosed to authorities if requested by legally authorized institutions.



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