IoT Solutions

Opthema Technologies, a BilgeAdam company, produces solutions with high added value with its high technology sensor products and the most widely used Internet of Things – IoT protocols.

Sensor Technologies

In some cases, too high or too low levels of ambient noise, humidity, temperature, pressure, etc. adversely affect the building structure and, more importantly, risks employees' health. It is very important that these types of data are regularly measured, reported and notified when critical thresholds are reached.

CUBE, equipped with quality sensors and developed by Opthema Technologies laboratories to be used for different purposes, warns you about ambient conditions, and sends alerts via e-mail, alarm, siren, SMS or any other method preferred when the data reach the desired or undesired limits.

Retail and Merchandizing Solutions

The vMerch product family of Opthema Technologies is an IoT solution enabling detailed promotion of products that are especially hard to understand for customers in the stores and providing comparisons between similar products.

The Real Time Face Tracking System – RTFTS solution performs face, behaviour and emotion analysis of people in crowded sales and visit areas, especially in retail industry, and offers information which will create added value for the businesses.

The Real Time Employee Tracking System – RTETS solution with hardware such as BLE-featured Opthema badges, cards, etc. enables managers to manage the workforce better and checks whether the employee with the right competency is at the right place at the right time.

Machine Learning

One of the most important expectations of companies today is to estimate the future and eliminate uncertainties. Opthema Technologies processes your current data with Machine Learning and Data Mining algorithms, and facilitates eliminating future uncertainties and taking accurate decisions with effective estimations.

As part of the work conducted in data science, IoT solutions, data mining/ projects, analysing the fast streaming large amount of data and meeting the requirement of reporting such data in real time, NoSQL and Big Data projects are among the solutions we provide.




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