Quality and Process Management

We offer Project Management, Business Analytics and Test Management services with our expert staff experienced in various industries to maintain high quality levels of our customers processes.

Project Management

BilgeAdam Technologies offers "Project Management" services for the leading firms. Our project management services are based on integrating PMI® methodology to the corporate culture and supporting project management processes.

Our experienced staff is comprised of specialized and PMP® certified project managers experienced in various industries. We are here for you to support you in project management, to strengthen your improvement areas, and to apply and develop internationally accepted PMI® methodology in your company.

BilgeAdam Technologies consultants specialized in their fields will work with you and enable you to get the maximum output with your projects. Thus, your projects are finalized in time, within the planned budget and with targeted outcomes.

We are aware of the importance of providing innovations and technological tools enabling agile and proactive decisions by predicting in advance the problems which may occur throughout the lifecycle of our customer’s infrastructure.

Business Analysis

BilgeAdam Technologies offers business Analysis service bringing together its customer portfolio from various industries with 20+ years of experience and expertise. The company carefully understands the problems, industrial dynamics and requirements of each customer and offers suggestions for solution. Main services we offer in business Analysis are as follows:

  • Deciding on the project coverage in line with the target of the project,
  • Offering the best cost and time schedule outputs in line with the current scope of the project,
  • Analysing the requirements and solutions,
  • Documenting the requirements,
  • Transforming all requirements received from stakeholders into technical requirements, and transferring them to the development team,
  • Creating visual models (wireframes, UML diagrams, etc.) for the requirements,
  • Managing changing customer requirement activities during the software lifecycle,
  • Offering end user training for the project we deliver to the customer.

Always Innovative

We employ the best methodologies and technologies to better understand the ever-changing customer requirements and to offer solutions with our team.

Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria

Document Analysis

Market Research (Competitor Research, Benchmarking and Market Analysis)

Flow Diagrams


Business Rules Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis


Test Management

As BilgeAdam Technologies, we combine our quality and experience in different industries with the latest techniques and methodologies in software test services and consultancy, and offer them to our customers. Some of our test services are as follows:

  • Unit Test
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Functional Test / Black Box
  • Regression Testing
  • Platform Compatibility Test

We carefully run the tests we conduct in order to avoid software errors in the projects which we offer consultancy, in every step of the project through manual testing or test automation. Our experienced test team offers organizations an entirely secure, high-quality and satisfying customer experience with high-quality software test services.

Which Areas Do We Perform Test Management?

Web-based projects

Windows-based software

Mobile software

Game software

What Do We Offer with Test Management?

We increase software efficiency.

We predict possible errors
in advance.

We prevent the risks
which may occur.

We save on time and cost.




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